Vakaro furniture

Vakaro furniture is a unique set in a rich mid-century modern style that introduces an unusual mood to the interior. The use of the classic form has been strongly broken with modern accents, such as the use of black color and modern materials. The furniture from the Vakaro series is an original style in the highest quality, which cannot be unnoticed regardless of the interior in which it is located.

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Beauty in every captivating detail


Distinguishing finish

The unique metal decor on Vakaro furniture adds a strong and convincing character. Real metal gives a unique effect, unmistakable with veneers or prints and introduces a subtle and rich style to the interior.

Gold with a delicate pink copper tint. It shimmers wonderfully in shades of natural light.

One of a kind and dazzling gold. It is invariably associated with luxury and wealth and this is the effect it brings to the interior.

A subtle and sophisticated dark decor that will be found among the most demanding colors of the interior.

TV cabinet

Vakaro TV cabinet

The Vakaro RTV cabinet is an elegant fulfillment of the requirements for adequate space for audio-video equipment in the living room. It consists of three segments – two closed on the sides and one open in the middle. The cabinet is equipped with cable grommets to help keep them in order.

The Vakaro TV cabinet can be stylishly rounded or classically rectangular, thanks to which it will also meet more demanding interiors.

The sides of the round version can be decorated with a metal decor, increasing the richness of the overall finish.

coffee table

Vakaro coffee table

The Vakaro coffee table is the heart of the living room, around which attention is focused. Lacquered satin top and metal decor create an unusual combination that will be a strong accent of any interior.

The Vakaro coffee table can be round or rectangular. Thanks to this, it will create a perfect complement to the Vakaro TV cabinet.



Vakaro sideboard

The Vakaro sideboard is a design combination of a high sideboard and a TV cabinet from the Vakaro series. Its body is divided in the same way as in the case of the Vakaro TV cabinet, and its capacity is equal to that of a highboard. It is a perfect complement to the Vakaro series, allowing you to arrange the space in a more complementary way.

As in the case of the Vakaro TV cabinet, the rounded side can be finished with a decor or left varnished.


Vakaro highboard

 The Vakaro highboard is fully varnished, its strong effect in the interior is preserved thanks to the attention to every detail. The majestic appearance of the black form is broken with rounded corners and steel legs. An elegant finish with a metal decor in the form of vertical muntins complements the body of the Vakaro highboard with subtlety.

bedside cabinets

Vakaro bedside cabinets

Vakaro bedside cabinets allow you to create a compositional buckle in a carefully designed interior. A pair of Vakaro-style nightstands elegantly surround the bed, creating a closed whole bedroom.

Sold in L+R pair or apart.


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